Dental art impart clinic providing cost effective treatments

Dental art implant clinic is a famous clinic located in London. This clinic mainly focused in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. The experts have almost 40 years of experience, nearly 4000 dental implants have been installed and the implant success rate is 98%. It always offers you the best, safest, and good looking alternative to the decaying or damaged or missing natural teeth. The aim of our clinic is restoring healthy teeth to the patients and our professionals are leading experts in cosmetic surgery and will provide excellent results at affordable rate. Our only one goal is to create dazzling smiles for a fraction of price. We are much proud to have high standard professionals and our medical team can able to resolve long time cavity problems by giving excellent treatments. The implant clinic makes you feel comfortable and provides a pleasant environment. Our doctors and staffs will guide in friendly manner and will answer to your queries. The dental implant cost is about 20 to 25 % which is lower than the average prices in London and there will not be any additional cost with our treatments. The pre consultation with our dentist is completely free and free consultation includes diagnosis of the mouth cavity with an x-ray. For the next visit it cost £100 and for an x-ray £75. All our experts are GDC registered with indeminity insurance.


 Treatments available in clinic

In addition to cosmetic dentistry and dental implants , we offer other dental services which includes root canal treatment, braces, scaling, teeth whitening, extractions, fillings, dentures, dental crowns & bridges and orthodontic. And also if u have missing bone, we perform sinus lift operation that is filling the gap with artificial bones and will give your face good looking and younger. Some patients may not have enough natural jaw bone to receive or accept an implant, so they require bone augmentation. The patient requires 6 to 12 months for healing before mouth gets ready for the implant.  Deep gum cleaning is performed by a dental hygienist under anaesthetic which removes old gum tissues from your teeth which you cannot succeed with tooth brush. It is a periodontal treatment and your gums will be healthy after removing all bacteria’s. Our dentalartimplantclinic will recommend a gum cleaning procedure at the time of your first visit and advise to follow the correct method of tooth brushing and flossing techniques.